Mission links

Have you ever thought why it is that the Bible talks so much about the poor and the disadvantaged?  There are so many references, during Jesus' ministry, of times when he called Christians to show love and practical concern for the poor, the excluded and those in need.

As a church we are committed to giving 10% of our non specific donations to mission, as Jesus instructed his followers.  We aim to divide this about 50:50 between mission in the UK and overseas mission.  Additionally, the congregation of St Sebastian's Church will make specific collections for particular causes, all of which is donated to the named charity.

We support a number of smaller organisations, all of which have some personal contact with St Sebastian's Church; we try to ensure that there are links with the charities we support so that we can receive feedback and understand the difference that our giving makes to the people we support.  Examples of these charities and our mission partners are:

The Mityana Charity

Various church members

World Horizons

Malcolm and Isis Williams


Clive and Sylvia Dudbridge

JAC (Just Around the Corner)



Create Hope





We also support a number of larger organisations, such as the local Foodbank, Tearfund, Toybox, Open Doors, The Children's Society.

Most months we host a 'Mission Slot', inviting a representative of one of our supported charities to come along and provide an update on their work.

Click on the links to the organisations' web-sites so that you can find out more about their work.