Leaders of the church

The first vicar of the church was the Rev Hugh Redmond Mores who was the son of the Rector of All Saints, Wokingham.  He was vicar for 13 years and was much loved by his parishioners.

He was succeeded by the Rev Arthur Carr who was also a scholar - it was the proceeds from his book "The Church and the Roman Empire" which funded the choir stalls.

Hugh Redmond Mores 1870-1882
Arthur Carr 1882-1895
Arthur Fearon 1895-1896
Georg Knapp Turner 1896-1912
Arthur Perronet Carr 1912-1946
Frederick John Ernest Britnell 1947-1976
Christopher Jones 1977-1984
Derek Burden 1984-1997
Andrew Marsden 1997-present


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