10:00am Service

This is our main morning service, with a crèche and groups for children and young people, on the first three Sundays of the month and a service for all ages on the fourth Sunday (’Sunday 4’ - see below).  Types of service vary, but share a contemporary and upbeat style.

On the first and third Sunday of each month, we have a Holy Communion Service "Give thanks ... ".  At the heart of this service is the act of taking bread and wine, giving thanks, and sharing them in memory of Jesus' death on the cross.

On the second Sunday of each month, we have our Service of the Word, which is an in-depth look at a passage from the Bible in the context of praise and prayer.

On the fourth Sunday of each month, we have Sunday 4 "God's word in today's language". This is our monthly service for all ages which aims to make church accessibe to people who are not used to it.

On the fifth Sunday of each month we have a Healing Service, with a period of longer worship and the opportunity to receive prayer ministry for healing or any other need.