Univida - Brazil



UNiViDA’s work currently takes places in the heart of a slum community in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil. With a purpose-built facility and plenty of open space, Univida provides an additional 4 hours of education a day for 370 children in the form of an ‘after-school programme’.  Each day Univida provides a safe environment for children to play and make friends. They help students follow the state school curriculum and supervise their homework. (In a favela there is no quiet place, desk or chair for a child to study!).

Recently Russell and Angela Shipton caught up with Marc and Ruth Marques over Zoom.  Watch below:


Marc and Ruth also sent us this video showing some of the things going on with Univida particularly the impact of the pandemic:


To find out more, visit Univida's web-site at https://univida.org/