Little Angels Toddler Group

Little Angels Toddler Group and Coffee Morning

Life with small children can be testing.  It brings its joys, of course, but also its fair share of vomit stained cardis (yours), leaking nappies (theirs) and tears and tantrums (both)!  Along with the well-documented sleepless nights, parenthood enforces all sorts of new personal challenges: adjusting to the relentless duties, juggling work and home, developing the patience a baby or toddler requires … and all on reduced sleep.  Above all else, becoming a parent can be incredibly isolating, and likeminded friends going through a similar experience difficult to find.  Furthermore, it is all too easy for a parent to feel as though they are slowly disappearing around the edges, as life becomes more and more about their children.

Little Angels was thus born. It is a small group that meets in the Parish Centre fortnightly, with the aim to support and nurture each other along the journey. It is no coincidence that we call it a “coffee morning” as well as a “toddler group”; it is as much for the parents as for the children. Whilst our 'little angels' play with toys, enjoy story time, eat model the play-dough, sing and dance during the music session, savour some snacks, and engage with some basic, bible-themed activities, you can sit back on a comfortable chair, enjoying a well-earned cuppa and some homemade cake.  We meet between 10:00am and 11:30am on alternate Fridays, but feel free to drop in at a time that suits you and your routine. We welcome everyone.

For further information including details of our next meeting, please contact the Parish Office, or find us on Facebook: Little Angels Toddler Group and Coffee Morning, St. Sebastian’s Church.