Sponsor a child in Mityana

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child / grandma in Mityana.  Jean Ajin started the charity back in 2005 with 6 sponsored children after she visited Mityana. Now there are well over 300 children at different stages of education. One of the 6 children who started with Jean has now gained his Masters degree. Miyana is a very personal charity and tries to accommodate people's wishes. You are able to write to your child, send gifts or send money for them to have something bought in Mityana. Each child writes a thank you letter each year and reports and receipts are sent to you. Jean visits every 2 years and takes interested people with her, including a number from St Sebastian's Church, and that's how the charity has developed. People visit at different times too. Mityana is very close to the equator and so the weather is constantly about 20-27 degrees C all year round. They have 2 seasons wet and dry. They need the rain so they can plant their food to eat. Everything stops when the rains come so they can go to their shambas and plant their crops. There aren't supermarkets there as everyone has their own piece of land where they grow their own food. Most families have no running water or electricity to their homes. Children walk up to 2 miles to collect water in large jerry cans from a spring. The children also have to collect firewood so that they have a fire to cook their meals on an open fire outside the homes. The water has to be boiled. Their staple food is matoke which is a green plantain (type of banana) which they peel and steam for about 3 hours. They have fruits which they grow bananas, paw paw, pineapple, mangos, passion fruit. Many children receive a fragmentary or no education at all due to the families having to pay something towards their education and only attend when their household has money. It is not unusual for children aged 15 to still be at primary school. Your sponsorship money provides the child with a year's school fees, a pair of shoes, shoe polish, a school uniform, pens, pencils, paper, text books, exercise books, maths equipment, a school bag, a broom, soap and toilet paper. The schools insist on the children bringing all these things to school.

Your money pays for not only a mug of porridge at break, but also a small lunch for the child. Often this is the first food or drink they have had since the previous evening. Also the children are provided with fee medical treatment. They have 3 nursery classes and 7 year groups in primary school. They have to pass exams each year to move to the next year group. Their school year, unlike ours, is January to November.

Fees are £180 a year (£15 a month). Also there is an exam at (P7) which they have to pass to go to secondary school, if they can afford it. Therefore the schools want them to board this year so they get extra early morning and late evening tuition. They don’t have to do the chores at home and they have light to study therefore giving them the best opportunity to pass. Boarding fees are £185 plus school fees of £180 for that year (£31 a month). Secondary fees are £300 a year or £25 a month, plus start up in first year of £70.

There are 4 secondary school years to their O level and 2 further years for A level. Those who don’t pass their P7 exams or O level are encouraged to go for vocational training. Many children are living with their elderly grandmothers as their parents have died of AIDS. Some children also die of malaria. They have to help at home so often settle to do their homework in the dark (it is dark 7pm to 7am being equatorial) using a candle or paraffin lamp. Their homes are often mud bricks with a thatch or corrugated iron roof. They often live in one or two rooms. Each sponsor has a child and we do not have a pool of money if sponsors stop paying. It then causes great hardship not only to the child withdrawing from school but also to the family unit.

Jean hopes that this has given you a little flavour of life in Mityana. Please don't hesitate to ask more! You can pay by online transfer, cheque £180 payable to Mityana Charity or by standing order which is preferable. Beneficiary Reference:Mityana Charity Beneficiary Sort Code: 40-47-09 Beneficiary Account Number: 41515667 Beneficiary Name Mityana Charity IBAN: GB48HBUK40470941515667 BIC: HBUKGB4113F Annual fees are due in November so they are transferred in time for them to begin school in January. If you pay by monthly standing order the £15 a month accounts for 12 monthly payments of £15 a month. If you start part way through the year we will discuss the payments with you. Eg Standing order starting March we would need payment for Jan and Feb as they are just starting. Thanking you once again 

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