Having your child baptised

When you have your child baptised (or christened – it’s the same thing), you are saying that you want him or her to grow up as a member of the Christian church.  It’s an important moment in their life and one that you’ll want to think about carefully.

At St Sebastian’s we are happy to baptise the children of parents who either attend the church regularly or live in the parish. You can check whether you live in the parish by entering your postcode in the search box on the web-site called 'A Church Near You' or if in any doubt, contact the Parish Office).

In order to help you decide whether baptism is right for your child, we run a short preparation course.  This will help you to consider the meaning of baptism and the promises you and the godparents will have to make on behalf of your child.  If baptism does not feel right for you, then we can also offer a service of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child, which does not involve the same commitment.

If you decide to have your child baptised, you will need to choose godparents, who must themselves be baptised and, ideally, confirmed. The Christian faith of the parents is an important element in baptism, so we would hope that one of the parents would also have been baptised.

For more information, or to make a booking, please contact the Parish Office on 01344 761050.

Adult Baptism

It is quite possible to be baptised as an adult, so long as this has not already taken place when you were a child.  In this case Baptism and Confirmation normally take place at the same time.  You can find more information here.